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Autoclave validation datalogging equipment

AS/NZS 4815 and AS/NZS 4817 require that autoclaves and the processes for sterilsing reusable medical instruments are validated on at least an annual basis.  A key part of this validation process requires the use of temperature and pressure recording devices to confirm that the desired sterilisation parameters have been meet for the duration of the sterilisation cycle.  In conjunction with Madgetech and Advanced Technical Services Ltd we have put together an Autoclave and sterliser validation datalogging system.   The self contained high temperature pressure and temperature dataloggers are used to confirm the actual temeprature inside the autoclave and also inside the challenge pack is attained.  They can be used for temperature mapping of the chamber to find the coldspot used for placement of micro biological spore tests.   The beuaty of this set as all the tests can be carried out without having to take the covers off the autoclave,    
Above Complete system with 3 temperature loggers, 1 pressure logger, and docking station, inside sturdy carry case
Typical load with the logger installed inside the pack to measure steam penetration time